Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shredders: Getting a Good One


Looking for eye-catching office products? Sorry, this isn't the post for that. (Try here or here.) But if you could use a really good shredder, read on.

A good shredder can save you a lot of frustration, as Michele explains so well.

How do you pick a good shredder? Organizer Jamie Martin has this to say:
I recommend a Fellowes brand shredder. They are the market leader. ... Two things that separate many shredders from the rest are a quiet motor and how long you can shred before the motor overheats. Fellowes is known for having many models with a quiet motor and longer shredding time. [Quoted with permission.]
Jamie used to be the product manager of shredders at Fellowes and admits she may be a bit biased - but she also knows her shredders! Here's one medium-use shredder she's pointed her fellow organizers to; besides being a cross-cut shredder (a must) with a pull-out bin and credit card shredding capability, she notes that "it has the 'safe-sense' feature for added safety, especially needed if you have kids or pets in the house."

Personally, I've had a Fellowes shredder for years and it's worked well for me. Being older, mine doesn't have a pull-out bin; that's something I would certainly want if I were selecting a new one. I'm sure there are fine shredders made by other companies, too - but if you want to go with Fellowes, they have a shredder selector to help you find the one that's right for you. Even if you don't necessarily want a Fellowes brand, this selector may help you understand what features are available, so you can decide which ones matter to you.

You can read more recommendations at ConsumerSearch and Unclutterer.

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