Friday, November 28, 2014

Non-Clutter Gift Guide: Unusual Consumables

gingerbread dog house

Looking to give gifts that won't become clutter for someone else? Consider experience gifts or consumables. I just wrote about experience gifts at Unclutterer, so let’s look at some consumables, from stocking stuffers to more substantial gifts. I listed some great consumables over at Core77, but here are some more that didn’t make it into that post.

The Solvang Bakery has your normal gingerbread houses — but also gingerbread dog houses, and some houses decorated for Hanukkah. Just remember that gingerbread houses don't stay tasty for too long. [via Santa Ynez Valley Wine Country Blog]

chewing gum - cinnamon and maple

Simply Gum is gum made with only six ingredients, and none of the artificial flavors, preservatives or synthetics included in other gums. It’s available in six flavors. [via Uncrate]

chai pumpkin jam

If you want a whole lot of tempting food ideas, head on over to Mouth, which is dedicated to indie food. This chai pumpkin jam is just one of a huge number of choices.

minted rose lip balm

Of course, not all consumables are food products. This lip balm from Rosebud Perfume Co. got raves from someone on MetaFilter.

mulling spices soap

This mulling spices soap comes from The Vagabond Tabby, which says its products are “crap free, guaranteed.”

organic toothpaste in 3 interesting flavors: eucalyptus, tutti-frutti, and a mint / green tea combo

There are even interesting toothpastes, such as these from Urtekram. There are three other choices from this company, too.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Clutter Avoidance: Resisting Things on Sale

tote bags that say: See. Want. Buy. Happy
Happy Tote Bags — Photo by K.K. Koay, found on Flickr, licensed via Creative Commons

As we head into the holiday season, we’ll all see lots of sales — and those sales may tempt us to buy for ourselves, not just for the people on our lists. But here are some words of caution to remind us that sales aren’t always our friends.

Here’s a user comment on an Apartment Therapy post:
I used to jump on a good deal, but a $7 shirt that I don't wear is $7 wasted.
And here's a tweet from Jane McGonigal as she decluttered a sale item:
Giving myself 5 pts for ditching a Marc Jacobs maxi dress I got for $75 marked down from $1000 that was too big and weird and never wore.
A new daily deal website called Meh says this, explaining its name:
Don’t you feel meh about most deals? You don’t have to buy something just because it’s xx% off.
Trent Hamm at The Simple Dollar has a thoughtful blog post entitled Why Buying Things on Sale is an Awful Way to Save, which includes this bit of wisdom:
When people snap to attention and pull out the wallet when they hear the word “sale” or see a big discount, they’re going at it completely in reverse.

The sensible way to bargain-hunt is to know exactly what you want before you even start looking. If you’ve decided, on your own, that you do in fact want Heroes: Season 1 for your own entertainment, great.

Now’s the time to bargain hunt, with the item you already have in mind. ...

The important part is to put on your blinders and ignore other items. A big sale on an item you don’t really want is still a waste of money.