Tuesday, May 10, 2022

In Honor of My Mom: Organizing in Blue for 2022

blue piggy bank Fifteeen years ago today, my mom died of pancreatic cancer. Her favorite color was blue, so this has become my annual tribute to her.

Let’s start with this adorable ceramic piggy bank from Golden Pigs — made in Europe, but the company ships worldwide. It’s got a blackboard body so you can write on it if you so choose, it comes in multiple sizes, and the cork snout makes it easy to remove money when you’re ready. In the meantime, a piggy bank is a great way to store all those spare coins that so many people accumulate.

utensil holder - white and blue with a maple leaf Alewine Pottery has some lovely utenstil holders. The color on this one is called blueberry.

utensil holder in varous shades of blue And this one is called The Blues.

a collection of baskets made of cotton rope and jute; off-white, brown, and blue on the bottom (including the interior) The baskets from Mia Mélange look lovely, and baskets have a bunch of uses.

small tray with a picture of a fish, in blue This cool fish tray from Sarah Fitz is made from birch wood coated with melamine; it comes from Finland.

blue magnetic board shaped like a whale Staying on the aquatic theme: Wonderwall has this whale magnetic board.

small light blue pedal waste bin on the floor next to a desk Brabantia has come out with new colors for their waste bins, which come in multiple sizes. The color on this one is called Dreamy Blue.

Royal blue pedal bin sitting in what is probably a bathroom; a towel hangs from a hook on the wall. The room is decoarted all in whites and off-whites so the bin really stands out. And this one is Mineral Powerful Blue.

wall hooks on pink, blueand green — with a small bowl on the top of each hook The clever Nest Hangers from Northern, also sold by Nordic Nest, come in various colors — including blue.

floral file folders with blue flowers on a white background; the interiors of the file filders are blue, too And finally: Levenger has some pretty floral file folders.