Thursday, March 31, 2016

7 Piggy Banks to Keep the Coins Under Control

“The average American household has approximately $90 in loose change sitting unused in jars, under sofa cushions, and in dresser drawers,” said Alex Camara, senior vice president and general manager of worldwide coin at Coinstar, Inc.

I have no idea if that statistic is accurate, but I know some households have a lot of coins sitting around. One way to keep them from getting lost (and making a mess on a dresser top, or wherever) is to use a piggy bank — in pig form or not.

The elephant above comes from Stephanie Rombough Ceramics. I’m hoping there's a plug in the bottom to remove the coins; the site doesn’t say one way or another. (All the other piggy banks listed here do have a removable stopper.)

You can get whales from Maia Ming Designs. These are “made in porcelain with a tactile rubber finish.”

Land of Nod has a collection of different animal banks, including this hippo.

These Miffy money boxes are made from PVC rather than porcelain, so they could be good for kids. [via Retro to Go]

And here's a Royal Delft Miffy that’s much more expensive.

I’m not sure how helpful it is to have a piggy bank with multiple slots, but this bank from 25TOGO Design has 25 slots of varying sizes and thicknesses.

Finally, here’s a piggy bank that really looks like a pig, from Pike Place Pigs. This one happens to be a chalkboard pig, but there are plenty of others without the chalkboard feature.

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