Thursday, August 13, 2015

2016 Calendars with Chicks, Cats and Birds

2016 calendar - Chicks in Hats

I’m always on the lookout for nice wall calendars for those who prefer paper calendars to digital ones. When Erika Hall pointed me to the Chicks in Hats Etsy store today, I knew I had to share the Chicks in Hats calendar. Shop owner Julie explains: “Chicks in Hats is a project started in 2011 by my 8 year old daughter and myself. She places the hats on the chicks and I take the photos; this is as fun as you can imagine.”

2016 Calendar - Cat vs Human

I’ve been a fan of Yasmine Surovec's Cat vs Human drawings for quite a while now, so I’m delighted to see she has a 2016 calendar.

2016 Calendar - The Mincing Mockingbird

I’m also quite taken with the bird paintings in the 2016 calendar from The Mincing Mockingbird.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

5 Felt Baskets, Bins and Boxes

felt basket, gray

I’ve discovered some lovely felt storage pieces recently, and I wanted to share them with you. Sne design has a bunch of them; this basket is the one that first caught my eye. [via My Scandinavian Design]

felt bin with leather trim

Skandinavious by Louise Vilmar has some very eye-catching felt organizer bins.

felt boxes, gray, four sizes

Greybax makes felt boxes, with and without lids, in a variety of sizes.

felt boxes, gray, three sizes

Mokee also has felt boxes in three different sizes.

felt boxes for Ikea shelving

Finally, Stich-haltig makes felt boxes that fit into Ikea shelving pieces (and some others, too). The ones shown above fit the Expedit and Kallax.

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