Thursday, August 6, 2015

5 Felt Baskets, Bins and Boxes

felt basket, gray

I’ve discovered some lovely felt storage pieces recently, and I wanted to share them with you. Sne design has a bunch of them; this basket is the one that first caught my eye. [via My Scandinavian Design]

felt bin with leather trim

Skandinavious by Louise Vilmar has some very eye-catching felt organizer bins.

felt boxes, gray, four sizes

Greybax makes felt boxes, with and without lids, in a variety of sizes.

felt boxes, gray, three sizes

Mokee also has felt boxes in three different sizes.

felt boxes for Ikea shelving

Finally, Stich-haltig makes felt boxes that fit into Ikea shelving pieces (and some others, too). The ones shown above fit the Expedit and Kallax.

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1 comment:

Jordan said...

Seems like a cute way to store things! Since felt comes in so many different colors, this could be an easy way to switch around colors for each season. Thanks for sharing!