Sunday, May 10, 2020

In Honor of My Mom: Organizing in Blue for 2020

rectangular tray with complex design featuring a lot of owls

Thirteen years ago today, my mom died of pancreatic cancer. (Yes, it’s ironic that this anniversary happens to fall on Mother’s Day this year.) Her favorite color was blue, so this has become my annual tribute to her.

Two years ago I led off with a tray from Jamida, with art by Emma J. Shipley, and this year I’m doing the same — with a new tray that’s as amazing as the prior one. It comes in two different sizes.

rectangular tray with flowers, in various shades of blue

But that’s not the only tray I have to show you. Here’s a very blue tray from Sweetgum Home, designed by Sandra Venus.

rectangular tray with an Art Nouveau design

And here’s the Ianthe tray from Liberty of London, with its Art Nouveau design.

square blue alarm clock, round white dial, yellow second hand, red alarm indicator

Moving on from trays: The Farbe alarm clock from Lemnos is nice and simple, and it’s easy to read. It runs on one AA battery, and it does make a light tick sound as the second hand moves around, so it wouldn’t work for someone sensitive to such sounds.

Blue bowl made from fabric-wrapped rope, on a table, filled with fruit

This wrapped-rope basket from Forest Hill Creations could be used to hold any number of things. Their turquoise bowl looks lovely, too.

blue wide-mouth utensil holder

Chatham Pottery has a lovely blue utensil holder. The utensil holder with the hand-painted fish is also nice!

blue bookend holding up some books

These Dumbo bookends, manufactured by Tortuga Studios, are made from powder-coated steel, so they should do a good job of holding books upright. The blue color isn’t offered on Tortuga’s website; I found it at the MoMA Design Store. You can find Tortuga’s navy and teal bookends at Sight Unseen.

ribbon board: white fabric with blue kingfishers; orange ribbon

And finally, here’s a lovely notice board from artist Cherith Harrison.

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