Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Black Lives Matter: Organizing Products from Black-Owned Businesses

colorful lidded basket

I’ve been pondering what I could do, as an organizer, to support Black Lives Matter. And then I read calls to support Black-owned businesses, and I found my answer.

So here are some products to consider, if you’re so inclined!

I’m thankful for the Veranda article about Black-owned home brands which led me to Goodee, a “curated marketplace” which carefully vets the companies whose products are included, so that all products are “ethically made and transparently sourced.”

And there are some cool organizing products! The item at the top of this post is one of the baskets from Baba Tree.

hampers, in three coors

There are also some nice baskets, in various sizes, from Makaua — a totally different style than those from Baba Tree. Makaua is “a family-owned and women-led company that produces woven products for the home.” The products are “handmade by a community of 50 families in a low-income region of Mexico.”

turquoise kiwi bird, with removable head (making it a storage container)

And then there’s this kiwi bird storage container from ecoBirdy — expensive, but cool.

lidded basket with blocks of colors: red, pink, etc.

The same Veranda article also led me to Jungalow and its organizing products, including this basket from Uganda.

colorful lidded basket

Yet another great source for baskets is Expedition Subsahara, which has this mission: “To build and maintain a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) school for young girls in Senegal.”

lidded basket

And there’s also Tackussanu Senegal, with yet more terrific baskets; thanks to Better Homes & Gardens for pointing me to this one.

coasters that say, "For the love of God protect the Ikea furniture"

Finally, Elle Decor sent me to Peace & Riot, which has a nice apron with multiple pockets. And while they’re not organizing products, these coasters gave me a good laugh and I wanted to share them. (Lots of people have organizing products from Ikea, such as the Billy bookcase, so there’s a tenuous connection to organizing.)

Since this list is basket-heavy, I’m going to keep looking for more Black-owned businesses selling organizing-related products beyond baskets.  Hopefully, I’ll have another group of products to share.