Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cluck! Oink! Baa! Containers with a Barnyard Animal Motif

jars with chicken ff=eet; lids have chicken heads

Shlomit Flexer is a ceramic artist whose work I've just found - what fun!

utensil holders with feet

Here's another piece by Shlomit.

create shaped like a pig, says Pig Pile

For a totally different aesthetic, there's this pig pile crate.

q-tip holder shaped like a lamb

And here's a q-tip holder shaped like a lamb. [via Babygadget]

red bucket with rooster

Marilyn's Light House Crafts has buckets with roosters and with cows.

rooster wastebasket

Roosters are a popular motif - here's a rooster wastebasket. Shaker Workshops also has a rooster mail holder. Update on Dec. 29, 2010: As the commenter noted, the rooster wastebasket and the similarly styled mail holder are no longer available from Shaker Workshops, and I haven't seen anything like them elsewhere.

four farm animal canisters

Want the whole barnyard? There's this canister set.

Limoges cow trinket box

Looking for something small? Have some money to spare? Look at the Limoges trinket boxes.


ComfortZones said...

Shaker Workshops no longer carries the beautiful Rooster Wastebasket. The craftsperson retired... Does anyone know where I can obtain one?

Jeri Dansky said...

Ah, that's why the wastebasket is no longer available. I've never seen anything similar on any other site.