Sunday, May 18, 2008

Reader Question: Organizing the Earrings, Part 2

wall jewelry organizer, loaded with earrings and necklaces

Lots of earrings, but not lots of space? Here are some more alternatives to consider - assuming, of course, that you've already determined you really do want to keep all those earrings. Options 1 and 2 were discussed yesterday; here are five more.

Option 3: Earring racks

I've noted some lovely wall-mounted racks before, but the one above accommodates more pairs than most. You can choose your style: the unusual rotating posts, the more common slotted rack, or a combination.

And while they aren't as pretty, acrylic earring racks can also work. Stacks and Stacks has some, including a folding screen that holds 128 pairs, and a different design holding 90 pairs.

earring rack, white

For something a bit different, go over to eBay and look at the racks from Earring Angel - available in a number of colors. They can be hung, or used on a table top with the attachable feet. They are made from polycarbonate or from wrought iron. Update on July 29, 2010: You can now buy these from Angelynn's web site.]

Option 4: Commercial earring display racks

silver earring display, harp shaped

I've shown an earring display rack before, but there are many more, including this one.

Option 5: Revolving Racks

round copper earring display

Revolving racks can be found as both commercial display racks and racks intended for the home. This is one of many offered by Sunrise Imports of Australia. You can find some similar ones over on Amazon. To see one in use, see Dayna Ngai's blog; she got hers in Singapore.

And there are earring carousels in wood, too.

Option 6: Jewelry Trays

jewelry tray with compartments, gray

One of the best-known brands here is Neatnix, with its stacking trays.

Option 7: One-of-a Kind Products

earring display

Finally, here's an earring holder unlike any other I've seen.


Anonymous said...

I have always found that when people have the ones with little holes where you are required to actually fasten the backs on, they do it for a while and then start just putting the earrings down next to the organizing product because they don't feel like refastening them on... I like the Neatnix one and other options where you can just put them down and walk away.

Jeri Dansky said...

As always, you raise a very good point, Lorie - thanks for chiming in.

I always wear French wires where there's nothing to fasten on (or there could be, but I don't use it) so I tend to forget about the backings on posts.