Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Step Files: From $8 to over $80

two incline sorters

You've almost certainly seen incline sorters (also known as step files) - very useful for keeping active files close at hand, and usually very boring. (The ones above come from Office Depot and Amazon.com.)

wood step file

But if you feel like spending more money, you can get some interesting alternatives. One of the most common alternatives is made by WoodWorx. It's too bad the dividers aren't a bit taller, to support the files better. Update on Feb. 25, 2011: Ergo in Demand sells these in cherry and mahogany.

step file made from perforated steel

And then there's SteelWorx.

step file type item with cascading plastic trays

Ultimate Office says their best-seller is the Desktop StationMate, which is a form of step file.

steel incline sorter

Here's a steel incline sorter; the site has three other steel options.

incline file

And here's another steel incline sorter, designed by David Allen and made in Italy.


Michele said...

Funny that you posted this - I've been thinking of trying one for my current project folders.

Jeri Dansky said...

Hi Michele,

I'm glad this was timely! The other common option is a desktop file.

Jeri Dansky said...

Here's a comment that came in by e-mail:

"Just wanted to share something that works for me. Ordered an expandable metal file holder from a link on Teri Matlen's ADDconsults website (she has a store as part of her site). I've tried lots of others, but for some reason just love this one. Have it on my kitchen counter, holds a ton of files, can adjust the size, etc."

Here is the file holder I believe she was referring to.