Saturday, May 10, 2008

7 More Wastebaskets You Won't Find Just Anywhere

blue wastebasket

I've written about wastebaskets before, but it's time for an update. Want a wastebasket with some style? Here's one option, an Italian design. Update on Dec. 27, 2010: This product doesn't seem to be available any more.

wastebasket with ocean scene - fish and seaweed

Annie Modica makes a variety of decoupage wastebaskets; this one was my favorite.

Talavera pottery wastebasket, blue with fish

Keeping with the ocean motif for a minute, here's a Talavera pottery wastebasket.

willow wastepaper basket

This willow wastepaper basket comes from the U.K.

wastebasket in pink and red

This colorful Mexican wastepaper basket is sold by a shop in London. There are seven color choices.

round wastebasket made from mango wood

And here's one of made from mango wood! Update on Dec. 27, 2010: This one might not be available any more; it's not on the studio's main waste bin page.

wastebasket covered in pale green fabric

Want your wastebasket to perfectly match the room's decor? Cubbins & Co. will make a wastebasket covered in your own fabric. [via The New York Times]

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