Thursday, May 15, 2008

Storage Ottomans: Beyond the Basics

moose storage ottoman

You can find storage ottomans all over the place; they're at Target, Stacks and Stacks, classic furniture stores like Thomasville, and many other places. But here are some more unusual options.

How about a moose storage ottoman? There's also a black Lab version. Update on July 1, 2013: I'm no longer seeing the moose ottoman - or the black Lab one.

abstract design storage ottoman, bright colors

Not a moose kind of person? Here's a very different storage ottoman. Update on July 11, 2011: This ottoman comes from Anna Millea; sadly, I'm no longer finding her ottomans on the web.

four leather storage ottomans

Want something a bit more sedate? Here's an option from Neiman Marcus, at the kind of prices you might expect from them. [via CasaSugar] Update on Sept. 21, 2009: This product is no longer available from Neiman Marcus.

shoe storage ottoman

Here's a storage ottoman designed specifically to hold shoes. Update on July 1, 2013: I'm no longer finding this product.

file storage ottoman

Ballard Designs has one designed specifically for file storage; there are many fabric options. Ottomanopia also has a file storage option. Update on May 6, 2010: Ottomanopia seems to have disappeared.

media storage ottoman

And here's a storage ottoman designed to fit DVDs and other media. Update on July 1, 2013: I'm no longer finding this product.

two children with two round storage ottomans

Finally, this one is unusual in that it's a round storage ottoman in a sea of square and rectangular options. Update on July 1, 2013: This came from  P'kolino, which seems to have discontinued the product.


Julie Bestry said...

Wow, Jeri, the only thing missing from this post on ottomans was Dick Van Dyke!

Jeri Dansky said...

For anyone who missed Julie's reference, here are the three openings for the show. Watch the one in the upper left.

Beryl said...
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Louise said...

I always keep my eyes peeled for a good storage ottoman for our RV. Unfortunately, most are just a bit too big for the space I have. But these beauties inspire me to keep looking! Thanks.

Jeri Dansky said...

Let me know what size you're looking for, Louise!

Liz Brealey said...

If any of you have difficulty with an awkward size space to fill, you'll find bespoke Storage Ottomans here:

They can be made to your own specification - size, fabrics etc.

Thank you