Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Containers That Caught My Eye: 6 Random Items

square black felt box with smiling skull

Hable Construction has a number of felt boxes - many of them sweet designs involving flowers and lollipops and such. Of course, I was attracted to the smiling skull.

jewelry box with various images and the words Pieces of My Life

The Craft Gallery has a number of interesting jewelry boxes - which could of course be used for something other than jewelry. This was one of my favorites. Update on Nov. 8, 2011: The Craft Gallery still sells jewelry boxes, but not this type.

Chinese hat box

Zenspiration Gardens has a number of lovely boxes, including this one which is a vintage reproduction Chinese hat box.

fanciful toothbrush holder with four toothbrushes

You don't really need a specially-designed toothbrush holder and more than you need a pencil cup; a coffee mug will do just fine. But I still was taken with this toothbrush holder by Alison Palmer, who makes all sort of interesting things.

4 scissors holders, different colors

I just stand my scissors up in the mug that holds my pens, but this Edward Scissors Holder by Koziol is very cute. Koziol also makes a tape dispenser, a glue stick holder, and much more.

white box with rabbit ears on top

I saw this storage box and my immediate reaction was Oh! Cute! - followed by wondering when I would fit it into a blog entry. [via Better Living Through Design]

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