Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Alarm Clocks: The Sacred and The Profane

Krishna alarm clock

While it would be lovely to always wake up naturally, without an alarm clock, most of us find we do need the clock. Here are some choices you may not have seen before.

This Krishna alarm clock "sings a good will mantra from Lord Krishna" or wakes you with "a Hare Krishna chant," depending on which web site you read. Looking at the manufacturer's web site, it seems the clock is available with the images of other deities, such as Ganesh. There's definitely a Jesus version.

pink alarm clock with picture of girl, and the words You're So Unbelievably beautiful, smart, and talented

Moving from the sacred to the profane, this alarm clock is part of the Bobbypin collection by illustrator Jeffrey Fulvimari, who did the drawings in Madonna's book The English Roses. While it's harder to actually read the time than I would like, the affirmation might a nice way to start the day. Update on March 10, 2011: I'm no longer seeing this clock being sold.

alarm clock with picture of girl and the words There's a lot of other girls out there but only one me

Here's another alarm clock from the Bobbypin collection.

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