Saturday, May 24, 2008

The pogoCloset: A Cross Between a Closet and a Clothes Tree

Some folks just aren't very good about hanging up their clothes. Sometimes that's because the closet is overcrowded with clothes that never get worn - but sometimes it's that there truly isn't enough closet space, the closet is hard to get to, or putting clothes on hangers is just too much effort.

Traditional answers to these concerns include the use of hooks, clothes trees, and valet stands - or garment racks and portable wardrobe closets. (And there's always the ever-popular exercise machine that winds up serving a different purpose.)

But another interesting option is the pogoCloset by UrbanWorkshop. Update on Nov. 20, 2013: UrbanWorkshop seems to have disappeared, but you can still see these on the website of the designer, Julie Tolvanen. Unfortunately, they are not currently in production.

one-drawer nightstand

Bonus: While you're at the UrbanWorkshop web site, take a look at the Yellow Groove nightstand.


Marilyn said...

I was just telling my client today she may need to use a hat rack for guests coats as she just re molded and they have the smallest closet ever in the front entry way. There is only room for about 3 maybe 4 coats in their closet. This photo of the pogo/hall tree was fun.

Jeri Dansky said...

Glad you liked it, Marilyn!