Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Coffee Tables with Storage for Your Stuff

oak coffee table with drawers swung out

Lacking storage space? Make your coffee table do double-duty and provide some storage! Here are a few options for doing that.

The coffee table above with four drawers that swing out comes from Green Tea Design.

wood coffee table with storage

Green Tea also has this lovely rice chest coffee table. The doors slide open (thay can also be hinged) and the top lifts off.

coffee table with hinged top which lifts to provide work surface

This coffee table provides storage - and a workspace.

coffee table with CD storage

Here's a coffee table that will store your CDs or DVDs - or other items. Update on Feb. 26, 2014: I'm no longer finding this product.

wood coffee table with many drawers

And here's a lovely coffee table with plenty of storage.

trunk coffee table in stainless steel and leather

This steamer trunk coffee table comes from the Sundance Catalog, always full on interesting stuff.

wood trunk coffee table

This handcrafted truck coffee table comes from a small company based in Alberta, Canada.

round coffee table/trunk
And here's a different look - a round coffee table/trunk.

red trunk coffee table

While I wouldn't usually list something from Pottery Barn - they're easy to find on your own - their trunks really caught my eye.

mobile storage coffee table

Finally, this mobile storage coffee table comes from the Hobart Cabinet Company, which makes lots of lovely products for the workplace and the home.


Banshee Creative said...

Oh these are GORGEOUS!!!!

love it.

Guess what, I've finished the back "yard"! I even had the charity guys cart away (TWICE) all the surplus things for donation including old mattresses, elec items (unused/not working).

the back "yard" looks so much brighter! and I've cleared another 2 AREAS!!! Im down to 4 more rooms to go! (does a happy dance)!!!

It really is amazing how much stuff you can accumulate without realising it. I've had two requests for kids books etc so Im going to go thru the books and see what we can spare and donate to these libraries :)

can't wait to see more from you :)

Jeri Dansky said...

Angelia, that's wonderful - congratulations on your progress!

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