Saturday, July 5, 2008

12 Unusual Scrapbooks and Photo Albums

four handmade photo albums with cute felt pictures on the cover

Want something out of the ordinary to hold your memories? Here are some eye-catching options.

(Please consider whether you want archival-quality products - and if so, you might want to read this and this. I can't vouch for the archival qualities of any of these products, although most of them claim to have acid-free pages.)

1. The photo albums above are handmade by Kata Golda.

handmade album with picture of leaves on the cover

2. Over on Etsy, Enji Beck sells a number of beautiful albums handmade by Angela Beckwith. (via Cool Mom Picks)

handmade photo album with flower-pattern cover

3. Staying on Etsy, Painted Fish Studio has this lovely handmade photo album.

handmade photo album covered in Japanese silk with black and white design

4. And here's one more from Etsy. This handmade photo album is covered with Japanese silk.

leather album with art deco design on the cover

5. Here's something very different (in style and price) - a leather album handtooled in Italy.

albums that look like leather-bound books, with titles like Friends and Family

6. Want your albums to look like leather-bound books as they sit on the shelf? Here's your answer.

handmade photo album with sun image on the cover

7. The cover on this handmade photo album was "made with sustainable lotka and bamboo papers, which come from the fast-growing Lotka bush in Nepal and the Bamboo plant of Thailand."

album with cover showing cats on a plaza in front of an elaborate building - one riding a scooter, another looking at a map

8. This photo album is made from recycled paper.

handmade wedding photo album with bride and groom

9. Studio Daedre has handmade photo albums for weddings (including same-sex weddings), bar mitzvahs, and more.

handmade scrapbook from recycled cloth - has big bow

10. These scrapbook albums are "made by hand by Indian artisans using cloth recycled from a garment manufacturer." Update on Sept. 4, 2012: These albums are no longer available.

hamdmade photo albums with copper covers - one with a bone, one with a cat and the moon

11. Cam Wilson makes photo albums with copper covers. You can get them from Uncommon Goods or SweetHeartGallery.

record cover scrpabook - Kate Bush, The Whole Story

12. And finally, JB makes scrapbooks from old record covers.

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