Friday, July 25, 2008

Tantalizing Toy Boxes and Bins

toy bins - one with a cow, one with a turtle

So many toys, so many toy storage options! Here are three that caught my eye lately.

Tracey Hanmer Karl of Creative Expressions:Kids makes these hand painted toy bins - there are over fifty themes available. Update on Feb. 26, 2012: I'm no longer finding Tracey's website.

Toy box with harbor scene

Over in the UK, Heidi Alexander-Sleap makes some pretty wonderful hand painted toy boxes. (Note: Big toy boxes can work well for dress-up clothes or other larger items; they aren't so good for smaller toys.)

pirate ship toy box

And then there's this pirate ship toy box; the same gentleman also makes a fire engine toy box. Update on August 24, 2011: Sadly, the site that sold these has disappeared.


Banshee Creative said...

I LOVE the ship!!! But my fav is the painted box, love those kind of boxes.

my hubby says the cow one is suitable for when I'm PMSing.. HAHA (men I tell you!)

MOre good news, I FINALLY decluttering/reorganised the spare room!!!! The place I was most "fearful" of. Finished it yday! I'm exhausted but happy!!!

Only four more places to go!!1 YAY!

Jeri Dansky said...

Cuddly Family, congratulations! You're making such wonderful progress.

Banshee Creative said...

For some reason it keeps signing me in as cuddlyfamily and not angelia LOL

oh well..

thanks Jeri!!! :) I cleared another cupboard yday. Now I'm hoping for an invention that folds and stores your laundry for you.. hehe

Anonymous said...

Hello to Jeri, I've just noticed you've featured one of my boxes the 'harbour scene' handpainted chest, many thanks to you, what a lovely compliment to see a piece of my work featured on your page. If you ever fancy popping back, i've done a few more designs since and these can be seen on, thanks for drawing attention to my work, much appreciated. Best Wishes Heidi Alexander-Sleap