Thursday, July 10, 2008

Piggy Banks: Beyond the Menagerie

computer key-shaped money boxes - save key and pound sign key

Yesterday I showed a piggy bank menagerie - but not all notable "piggy banks" or money boxes are shaped like animals.

Stylish Life sells this computer key money bank. My keyboard doesn't have a save key or a pound sign key - but I like these, anyway. The save key version is also sold by Uncommon Goods.

water tower-shaped bank

Or how about a bank shaped like a New York water tank? Update on March 4, 2010: This product is no longer available.

blue house-shaped bank

The Domus Build-It coin bank, shaped like a house, is "made of plastic, packed flat, and snaps together in seconds." You have four color options. Update on July 9, 2012: I'm no longer finding anyone selling this bank.

Having a Baby Fund cash can

Whether you're saving for a holiday, a baby, or new shoes - or a number of other options - there's a giant cash can designed specifically for you. Or you can put the money you used to spend on cigarettes into a special Turn Ash into Cash can.

Lionel train crossing shaped bank, over 4 feet tall, next to boy

Lionel makes banks shaped like railway cars - but then there's the Lionel Train Crossing Bank. To get the full kitschy experience, go to the LionelTV web site to see the ad. (Warning: It will start blasting the ad at you as soon as you go to the site.) Update on July 9, 2012: I'm no longer finding any place selling this bank.


Joan Kosmachuk, Professional Organizer said...

Jeri, these are fun. The big issue I have to help clients deal with is what to do when the piggy bank is full to overflowing -- the obvious, "empty it" but that means rolling the coin or lugging it to the grocery store and paying a percentage to have it cashed in. Wondering if you or any of your readers have any tips for emptying the piggybank?

Jeri Dansky said...

Joan, there are some good suggestions here. And there are more ideas here.

Anonymous said...

I use coinstar...and pay the fee (doesn't seem outrageous to me) BUT last time I used the feature of buying a gift card/certificate and then there was no fee deducted.

I got an gift certificate and used it online that afternoon.

Not sure if other coin machines offer the same deal.

Jeri Dansky said...

I don't know, sunnygirlsf- but Coinstar has information about its no-fee option here.