Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Furniture with Storage: The Gossip or Telephone Bench

black gossip bench

My vocabulary expanded when I became a professional organizer, as I started learning about all the various storage options out there. The gossip bench (also called a telephone bench) was a new one to me! The black gossip bench above comes from SEI, and the company makes a white version, too.

upholstered gossip bench

For something more flamboyant, there's this gossip bench from Design Toscano.

telephone bench

And here's a telephone bench, made from pine, with yet another look.

oak telephone bench

Moving to the other side of the ocean, you can find this solid oak telephone bench (or something very similar) from a number of sources in the UK, some of which indicate it's made (at least in part) from reclaimed wood. See Konteaki furniture, Medina Home, and Whitehall Garden Center.


SueBK said...

These always bring back great memories for me. The only house I've ever seen one in was my nana's. It was a tacky old thing with a vinyl seat and veneered drawer. But it was something that was unique in my nana's house. I wish I had space for one, just to keep that connection.

Jeri Dansky said...

SueBK, thanks for sharing your memories. Your nana must have been a wonderful person.