Sunday, July 27, 2008

Furniture for Storage: Chimney Cupboards or Cabinets

chimney cupboard

Sometimes finding the right storage piece is a matter of knowing the vocabulary. If you need something for a tall, narrow space, consider a chimney cabinet (or cupboard). The chimney cupboard above is 19.5 inches wide and 75 inches tall.

2-door chimney cupboard - top door is glass

Leo Sharkey Fine Woodworking would be glad to make you a chimney cupboard like this one, which is solid cherry. It's 16 inches wide and 84 inches tall.

chimney cupboard, red, shown open and closed

This Shaker chimney cupboard comes in a number of different finishes; it's 20 inches wide and 78 inches tall. (For another Shaker chimney cupboards, look here.)

Amish chimney cabinet, 3 different versions, one with pictures of fish on the doors

This Amish chimney cabinet is available on a number of web sites, including Bear Hollow Furniture. (For other Amish chimney cupboard, look here.)

chimney cupboard

And here's a chimney cupboard made from "barn wood over 100 years old." It measures 20 inches wide and 60 inches tall.

chimney cupboard with Tiffany-style door

Here's one of the chimney cupboards available from Cody Road Workshops. It's 24 inches wide, 72 inches tall.

ornate chimney cabinet

And for something completely different, there's this chimney cabinet by David Pohl, measuring 24 inches wide and 85 inches tall.

chimney cabinet, with second picture showing detail of the door

Finally, for another artistic option, there's this chimney cabinet by David Marsh, measuring 14 inches wide (plus four more for the molding) and 76 inches tall.

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Unknown said...

Thank you so much for including our Chimney Cupboard in this article. Your blog is very useful and I look forward to digging around and reading more articles!

Michele said...

I used something like this in an apartment bathroom once that had no storage. It fit perfectly in the narrow space between the toilet and sink and the height maximized the storage for the floor space used. I never knew it was called a chimney cabinet though!

Jeri Dansky said...

Michele, yours might not have been called a chimney cabinet - but if you ever need to find one again, it's helpful to know that's what they are sometimes called.