Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Piggy Bank Menagerie

elephant money box

Rather than have coins tossed all over the place, why not use a nice piggy bank (or some kind of money box)?

The folks at Money Box Pottery have a range of animals, all hand made in the UK. They ship to mainland Europe, Canada, the USA - and possibly other places. That's their elephant above. Update on Oct. 17, 2014: The company selling these is now called Muggins Pottery.

black elephant bank

Over at Jonathan Adler, you can also get elephant banks, in one of four colors. Piggy banks are also available.

aardvark piggy bank

David DeSalvo makes banks shaped like all sorts of critters: cows, penguins, ladybugs, turtles, hippos, elephants, sheep - and even pigs. But I'm especially fond of the aardvark. Update on April 17, 2019: Sadly, David is no longer making his banks.

cat bank and dog bank

Perpetual Kid has cat and dog banks from Pets@Work. Update on July 9, 2012: I can no longer find these at Perpetual Kid, or anywhere else.

wooden penguin piggy bank

Puzzle-Man Toys sells some intriguing wooden piggy banks - the penguin shown above, a koala bear, a dachshund, and more - including a pig.

raku piggy bank

Over on Etsy, Red Crow Arts has this raku piggy bank. It's one-of-a-kind, though, so who knows how long it will be available. Update on Oct. 17, 2014: This bank is no longer available.

penguin bank

And also on Etsy, Adam Hollis sells his Penguinaut Brand Investment Portfolio in a number of finishes. The coin slot is at the top/back of the head. Update on March 4, 2010: The bank is no longer showing in Adam's Etsy store.

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Marilyn Bohn said...

You come up with the most clever ideas and photos. I love piggy banks. But I really like these clever animal banks too.
Last year when we were in Seattle they had decorated pigs all over the city which were going to be raffled off for charities.
In our state we had the decorated buffaloes and on Martha's Vineyard they had whales.
Piggy banks make my ideas run nation wide. :)

Jeri Dansky said...

Marilyn, thanks for telling me about the Seattle pigs; it seems they did this in 2001 and 2007. Here are pictures from 2001. They look great! There's more information and pictures here and here.

The first such thing I ever heard about was Cow Parade, which started in 1999. San Francisco did hearts.