Friday, July 18, 2008

3 Kitchen Utensil Holders with Personality

utensil holder with image of bullgrog

I love finding great handmade items! Jim and Gina Mahoney of Hummingbird Studio Pottery over on Etsy have an incredible selection of stoneware utensil holders; it was hard to choose which one to include here. This bullfrog was the first one I saw, so I decided to go with it - but there are also chickdees, woodpeckers, owls, a cat face, and a dragonfly. Both this shape and a wider version are available.

utensil holder with images of herbs

And this lovely stoneware utensil holder, with herb imprints, comes from Botanicraft, another Etsy shop.

mug with Gandhi's face, serving as utensil holder

And this one comes from my kitchen! It's a mug I bought years ago at a crafts fair, and I've used it as my utensil holder ever since. It's plain blue in the back.

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