Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Personal Uniform Isn't For Everyone

organized clothes closet

A great example of how different people need different organizing solutions: In response to yesterday's post, Geralin Thomas of Metropolitan Organizing sent me this picture of her own closet (posted with her permission). Geralin is not a minimalist when it comes to clothes - and if you've ever met Geralin, you'll know she always looks wonderful.

Geralin has the space for a wide variety of shoes and clothes, and the variety gives her a lot of pleasure - so why not?

Geralin tells me the shoe boxes are from Closet Fetish; the garment dividers are from The Clutter Diet, and the hangers are from TJ Maxx.


Anonymous said...

I've seen Geralin, I know she always looks wonderful, and I admire the way that you, Jeri, gather different voices into a fabulous harmony! Thank you!

Michele said...

I had a friend like this - she just loved her clothes! It was a hobby to her, and she approached her wardrobe like an avid collector. I second newleafnews that it is great to read different perspectives.

Jeri Dansky said...

Michele and Newleafnews, I'm glad you both enjoyed the two very different perspectives as much as I did!

avid said...

I love the way all these closet reorgs always involve a closet with room! What about those of us who have tiny closets? Mine is about 36 inches wide - and the only one in the apartment!! I'd like to see some expert figure out a way to deal with that!!!

Jeri Dansky said...

Avid, that is indeed a very small closet - even if you make the most of it!

Many apartments in Europe have no closets, so you're probably in a similar situation, where additional furniture (wardrobes, etc.) compensates for the missing closet space.