Friday, July 4, 2008

Storage on the Cheap with Cigar Boxes and More

cigar boxes

In reply to my post about blueberry crates, professional organizer Geralin Thomas from North Carolina shared some of her favorite repurposed items. As she says, "While Aby Garvey loves her buckets, I love wooden cigar boxes and all things tea-related."

tea box holding office supplies

In this picture, you'll see the linen-covered tea box from her office. "Perfect for keeping paper clips, binder clips, rubber bands, etc. sorted." You'll also see the Burberry boxes that "once contained men's briefs, but they are covered in super-sturdy fabric and are very useful in our nightstands."

cigar box with coins, and tea tins with pens

Both of these items come from Geralin's mud room:
- Tea-bag tins hold pens and pencils.
- A cigar box collects coins.

yellow soap boxes

This one involves neither cigar boxes nor tea. "Almond-scented soaps in bright yellow boxes will (someday) keep cosmetics, Q-tips, allergy meds, hair clips, etc."

Thanks for sharing, Geralin! Anyone else want to send me some pictures?

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