Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Taming the Tub: 8 Bath Toy Organizers

girl in bathtub with pelican pouch bath toy organizer

Children's toys are always an organizing challenge - and then there are the bath toys. Here are some of the options out there. Caution: There are sometimes complaints about organizers that rely on suction cups not sticking to the wall properly.

1. Let's start the animal parade of bath toy organizers with Peli's Play Pouch. It comes from EduShape in Israel, but it's widely available on the internet - at least for those in the USA.

frog bath toy organizer

2. Then there's the frog - the Boon Frog Pod.

bath toy organizer shaped like a fish

3. Sassy has two sizes of tub toy organizers - there's this larger fish; in the smaller size there's a frog and a penguin. Update on March 1, 2013: I'm only finding the fish now, and the current fish is not as cute as this one.

trap door bath toy bin, white, made of coated wire, full of toys

4. Moving past the animals, we have the functional-rather-than-cute trap door toy bin from Better Bath.

bath toy vinyl bag with blue polka dots

5. Another option is a bath toy bag with a mesh bottom for drainage, like this one.

tub toy organizer bag with multi-colored polka dots

6. One Step Ahead also has a tub toy organizer bag. E. Harmon wrote a review noting that the suction cups didn't work well, but that the organizer could also be "hung on the tub or shower faucet."

lion bath bag toy organizer

7. A different type of bath bag comes from Baby Moov. There's an elephant version as well as this lion. Baby Moov's products are available in many countries (but not the USA); I found them through an Australian site, Metro Mum. Update on March 1, 2013: Now I'm finding a sea lion, rather than an elephant or a lion. I'm no longer finding this at Metro Mum, but it's on

nesting buckets for bath toy storage; inner one 0 the scopper - has drain holes

8. Finally, there's this pair of nesting buckets, called the Bath Toy Store, from Kuster. (UK version here.) [via Cool Mom Picks]


Banshee Creative said...

Oh those are soooo adorable!!!

I want some!!!! (nemind I'm decluttering! lol).

I managed to sell some furniture and got something instead that was more practical for our needs and our living room/dining area looks so much cleaner and neater! We have fish now though :) Kids are happy hehe

I use plastic mesh trays that have stands, so it fits into a corner (we have an odd shaped kids bathroom).

Jeri Dansky said...

Cuddly Family,

You're decluttering! (And doing a fine job of it, too.)

The bath toy organizers are indeed adorable, and one of them might be just the right thing for someone - but certainly not for everyone. It sounds like you have a fine answer in place already.

CoolBabyKid said...

I just found your blog tday and really like it!!

Jeri Dansky said...

Thanks for letting me know, Dr. Mecca! (And how did you happen to find me, if you don't mind sharing that?)

Shannon said...

We use one of theos large sized mesh lingerie bags that zip closed. It holds a ton of toys and the water just pours out. I leave it in the tub until it is dry then move it to the tiny space between the tub and toilet!

Jeri Dansky said...

Good idea, Shannon - thanks for sharing. So often tools meant for one purpose wind up working great for something quite different!

Janel said...

I just found your blog when I was doing a search on Google for bath toy organizers. I'm in the midst of sorting out a new house and I'm definitely in the declutter & organize mode, so you've been saved as a fave!

Jeri Dansky said...

Hi, Janel - glad to have you here!