Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sandy Maynard Teaches Us to Say No

sign on chain link fence says No

The following advice comes from Sandy Maynard in the Spring 2008 edition of ADDitude Magazine - but it could just as well apply to those without ADHD. Sandy had eight points - but this was the one that I hadn't read elsewhere.

"Practice saying no to the easy stuff. A good start would be telling telephone solicitors that you don't want to be called anymore. Work your way up to saying no - civilly, of course - to your husband or to your boss."

[Yes, the better answer to telemarketers, if you live in the USA, is to get on the Do Not Call Registry - but the point is still well made about moving from the easy to the hard.]

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Anonymous said...

You make a really good point about saying "no". We get into the habit of trying to please everyone and in turn end up doing a lot of tasks we don't really need to do.

Jeri Dansky said...

Nick, good point about saying yes in order to please others. I just listened to a tape about "people pleasers," and difficulty in saying no is certainly a characteristic of people pleasers. Here's some reading on the subject of people pleasers.

And thanks for commenting - that got me to your blog, and to the 8 Principles of Fun. Good stuff!