Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Use Your Closet Doors to Store Stuff

6-pocket over door organizer

The best-known closet door organizers are those with shoe pockets - which can, of course, be used for Barbies or gloves or any number of other things. But you can also use something other than shoe organizers. While these products are (mostly) fairly prosaic, they can also be very useful.

For example, here's a short, 6-pocket over door organiser (it comes from the U.K.) made by H & L Russel. The pockets are labeled Bits, Bobs, Itsy Bitsy Stuff and such.

11 pocket pink dotted over door organizer

The same company makes this 11-pocket over-door organiser; there's also a blue one with a football (as in soccer, for those in the U.S.) pattern.

blue over door organizer

We also have a blue over-door organiser for boys and a pink-and-lilac over-door organiser for girls. Feel free to ignore the color stereotyping if your girl likes blue or your boy likes pink and purple. Update on June 17, 2012: I'm no longer finding these organisers.

pink over door organizer, four pockets

Heading to Canada, you can find this 4-pocket over-door organizer from Babies R Us. OK, it's in baby girl pink, but there's no reason not to use it for more than baby stuff! (The U.S. site has a similar product in pink and blue.)  Update on June 17, 2012: I'm not finding this product on the Canadian site, and I'm not finding the blue version on the U.S. site — but I am finding this organizer in sage and natural

pale yellow 10 pocket over door organizer

And heading over to the U.S., this ten-pocket over-door organizer, also aimed at the baby market, comes in pink, blue, white and yellow. Update on June 17, 2012: This product, from Tadpoles, seems to have been discontinued.

purple over door organizer

This over-door organizer by Three Cheers for Girls comes in - you guessed it - pink and purple. Update on June 17, 2012: This product also seems to have disappeared.

over door organizer with 15 large pockets

Here's an over-door organizer with 15 jumbo pockets. Update on June 17, 2012: This one is showing as "unavailable."

over-door pantry organizer

Another one with large pockets is this over-door 24-pocket pantry organizer. Update on June 17, 2012: This one, from Jokari, has also disappeared.

over door organizer with laundry bag

This over-door organizer has a small removable laundry bag. Update on June 17, 2012: This is yet another product which seems to have disappeared.

over door organizer for dog stuff

Here's The Mutt Pack - an over-door organizer designed for dog stuff - although there's nothing really dog-specific about it, except the name.

over door organizer

And for significantly more money than any of these other options, you can get this over-door organizer called the Packtoozi. It's made with 100% organic cotton and polyester mesh. It was designed as part of a larger organizational system to store kid-related things (bibs, snacks, toys, diapers, etc.) - "everything you need when you're on the go with your kid." The pockets are labeled accordingly - so if you want to use this organizer for other types of things, you'd want to somehow change the labels.


Boston Closet Organizer said...

Wow, You find such cool stuff. I sell closet accessories with closet organizers that I make in Boston but you have stuff I never saw before. Keep up the good work.

Jeri Dansky said...

Thanks for the kind words, Boston Closet Organizer! I'm always delighted when someone else enjoys my finds as much as I do.