Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reader Question: Coat Trees

mahogany coat tree

What organizing products are you looking for? The nice woman I spoke with today was looking for coat trees - and the first one on my previous coat rack post might suit her just fine. But I thought I'd poke around and see what else I could find. The one above is a very traditional look - a handcrafted mahogany coat tree. Update on May 26, 2011: Sadly, the website where I found this coat rack no longer seems to be working.

wrought iron coat stand

And here's another traditional-looking coat stand, in rust-patinated wrought iron. Update on May 26, 2011: The site that sold this coat stand no longer carries it.

modern stainless steel coat stand

OK, so much for traditional. Here's the stainless steel Nova coat stand, from Frost Design in Denmark, sold by Hightower in New York.

clothes stands, four colors

The same companies can provide you with the Wishbone coat stand; Homebits in the U.K. also sells this one. [via Daily Icon]

coat stands, many colors

And these coat stands from Nava Design in Italy, sold by Panik in the U.K., have a somewhat similar look.

hat and coat stand

Here's another modern look; this one is called the Clusterstand. Update on May 26, 2011: I'm no longer finding this product.

coat stand

Switching style again, here's a coat stand from Ute Australia. [via Topia7 design blog]

coat tree

And for something really unusual, here's the Bodhi coat stand, "made from the branches of fallen trees." You can see some more pictures over on Flickr, here and here. Update on May 26, 2011: I'm no longer finding this product on the designer's web site.


Alison Heath said...

Jeri, great collection. I especially like the iron one. So intricate.

Did you see ours? It's in a weird place on the website:

Jeri Dansky said...

Alison, I missed it - and it's quite nice. I've added a note to the post about it.

Cynthia Friedlob said...

And for the budget-minded, the twenty-buck Rigg from Ikea!

Jeri Dansky said...

Sure, Cynthia - but I figure that people don't need my help to find things from IKEA (or the other major chain stores, such as Pottery Barn), so I rarely mention them.

Cynthia Friedlob said...

Oh, I understand, Jeri. You do a great job of finding the truly gorgeous and unusual stuff, especially hand-crafted goodies by artisans.

I was just a bit taken aback by the cost of gorgeousness when it comes to coat trees and thought I'd check out the low end.

Chalk it up to an attack of recessionitis!

Jeri Dansky said...

"Cost of gorgeousness" - I love that phrase!