Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Clocks with Character

chicken clock

Looking for a nice clock to help with your time management? I've got suggestions!

First, because I'm a sucker for cute (but not overly cutesy), take a look at the seven wall clocks from The Purple Cow. Unfortunately, they aren't distributed in the U.S. yet. Update on Aug. 11, 2012: The Purple Cow now longer makes clocks.

clock; base made with wood and washi paper

Jacques Dorier makes paper sculptures, and I see his work includes some fanciful clocks.

scale clock

If you have the room for it, you might consider this general store scale clock. Update on Aug. 11, 2012: This clock was sold by Victorian Trading Co., but that site no longer sells it.

projection clock

Projection clocks - those that project the time onto the ceiling - are new to me, but the Oregon Scientific Store has a number of choices. [via Parent Hacks]

R2-D2 Projection Clock

And if that's too prosaic for you, try the R2-D2 Projection Clock. [via Apartment Therapy]

basic analog alarm clock

Alternatively, for those who like a simple look, there's this basic alarm clock, that still manages to have lots of style. [via Switched On Set]

map wall clock

This vintage map wall clock appeals to the traveler in me.

tile clock by Michael Riley

And finally, for a very different and stunning look, there are the tile clocks made by Michael Riley. The web site is out of date - the last shows listed are from 2007 - so I hope he's still making these. I'll update this post if I learn anything new.

Update on Jan. 29, 2009: Sadly, Michael Riley wrote to me, saying, "I am not making clocks at the present time, and all of the ones on the web site have been sold. Thank you for your interest."

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Sabrina Mix said...

Hi, Jeri!

Have you seen the Homer Simpson clock. His eyes follow a Duff beer can. It's hilarious!

Best wishes!

Jeri Dansky said...

Sabrina, I hadn't seen it - but now I have!