Friday, January 2, 2009

Another Alternative to Resolutions: A Theme

new beginnings

If you don't like resolutions, and a new year's word doesn't feel quite right, you can always consider a new year's theme. Here are some examples from a number of blogs.

Over on The Spiritual Eclectic, Lorna Tedder suggests a verb and a phrase, such as "Enjoy and Allow Miracles" and "Thrive and Celebrate Everything." [via BlogHer]

Stephen Shapiro writes about one-word or two-word themes; one such theme is "new beginnings." And according to The Payson Roundup, Shapiro himself intends to use 2009 as the year of doing cool things.

Deb Koen gives the examples of "nurturing my health" and "having a generous spirit."

Stephanie Quilao's theme for 2006 was "Living vibrant." For 2007 and 2008 her themes were "Leading and authentic life" and "Be uplifting."

Jennifer Allen might use the theme "The Year I Found Peace" for 2009.

In a fun variation, Lisa Hilderbrand suggests picking a theme song!

And as an organizer, I was pleased to see this one over on Evolving Excellence, even though the author doesn't refer to it as a theme: Simplify and learn something new. The author listed a number of ways he planned to simplify, including this one:
Outsource those nagging projects. We all have them... those things on the to-do list that never quite get done. I have a long list of them from various business ventures, mostly clerical such as organizing address lists and updating marketing materials. Some have been waiting for years. Until now.

A friend of mine recently suggested Elance, which brings together people with projects and people with time to do them. Anything ranging from typing letters to creating full websites to doing deep market research. I tried it out on a couple of projects and was more than satisfied, so now I'm using the system for a couple projects a week. You can go the very cheap route with providers from overseas or, as I did, you can use one of the numerous talented and experienced providers trying to eke out a living in places like North Dakota.
Others include "Donate all excess books," "Simplify seasonal activities," and "Turn off the TV."

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