Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Magnificent Magnets

cat in the sink magnet

You only need to see this photo of my cat Moonshadow to know why this cat magnet caught my eye. Somehow wonderful magnets seem to be coming my way lately, so here are a few more that I just had to share.

felted magnets, assorted colors

I've written about felted bowls before, and now we have felted magnets, available in a range of colors. [via Swiss Miss]

mah jongg tile magnets

Having had a grandma that played Mah Jongg, I found these magnets brought back good memories.

carpe diem hand-painted tile magnets

punctuation magnets

And I love these hand-painted magnets from Each An Original. You can get alphabet sets, individual letters (to spell out your name, or anything else) or other sets such as the one above with punctuation marks.


Anonymous said...

I love magnets too but with stainless steel appliances and decorative wood file cabinets where is a gal to put them anymore?

Jeri Dansky said...

Joan, I can still use my refrigerator and at least one of my file cabinets. Then there's always the magnetic board.

Or you could paint a wall with magnetic paint.

After that, the options get more limited. I guess I could put some my washer and dryer, but that doesn't seem very useful.