Monday, January 12, 2009

Beyond Basic Brown: Pegboard in Colors

green pegboard with hose

Pegboards don't only come on wheels - they also come in colors. Alligator Board provides metal pegboards in eight colors.

red metal pegboard

DiamondLife has metal pegboards in red, blue and black.

plastic pegboard, four colors: black, white, yellow, blue

Art-Phyl Creations' Hookstore has plastic pegboard in white, black, blue and yellow.

University of Michigan pegboard

And in hardboard, Peg Panels has its sports series - with the University of Michigan panel being the most colorful of the lot. There are also some colorful options in the company's tech series.

Of course, you could take a basic brown pegboard and just paint it, too.

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Room Organizing said...

Love these. I grew up with a dad who custom build everything including everything he used to organize his garage with like shelves, benches, an then he would just drill a whole and screw in a hook for anything he needed. These would be great, and a great gift for my Grandpa who is still trying to figure out how to organize all of his tools.

Jeri Dansky said...

Room Organizing, it seems like these bring back good memories; that's so nice. No one in my family was at all handy with tools, and I have no clear recollection of how they were stored.