Saturday, January 3, 2009

Six Pencil Boxes to Beguile You

tin pencil case

Wow! I'm really taken by this pencil box - my favorite among the many at La Marelle Editions. [via Decor8] It comes with 12 colored pencils, too. But if none of these suit your fancy, I've found lots of nice alternatives.

pencil box made with Japanese paper

Over on Etsy, Maggie Hallam has some lovely pencil boxes made with bookbinding techniques and some incredible papers. [via Green Chair Press]

blue pencil box

This pencil box from Mermaid Bindery uses a similar approach.

laquerware colorful pencil box

Fair Go Trading has a selection of laquerware pencil boxes designed in Australia and made in Kashmir.

metal pencil cases

Kyle Designs makes custom metal pencil cases in a wide range of colors and patterns.

wooden pencil box

And Assembly of Text has wooden pencil boxes with six different fabric choices for the lid.

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