Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Multitude of Magnets

Jeri's refrigerator door with Christmas and holiday cards - and magnets

You can see I like a good magnet; that's (part of) my refrigerator door. I've written about magnet boards and Christmas-themed magnets, and now it seemed time to give homage to the basic everyday magnet - no matter where you use it.

Loch Ness monster magnet

Let's start with the sites like Etsy that feature a range of handmade items. PearsonMaron has some fanciful magnets ranging from the Abominable Snowman (or the Abdominal Snowman) to the Loch Ness Monster (shown above) to a cute duck on a motorcycle.

cow head magnets - set of three

CrowBiz sells animal magnets (and others) over on Etsy - and also on Shop Handmade.

magnet with rabbit and harvest moon

Also on Shop Handmade, Balexa Designs has just one magnet right now - but it's quite a stunning magnet!

quote symbol magnets

Just.add.salt sells these magnets (and others) on madeit - a site that features independent Australian designers. Update on Nov. 13, 2009: I no longer see these magnets on madeit - or anywhere else.

fabric-covered magnets with robots

Similarly, Felt is "a New Zealand-based online marketplace for handmade goods, designed to enable artists, designers and craftspeople to promote their work and connect with buyers." One of those is the woman behind littlethings, who has a variety of fabric-covered magnets available.

butterfly fairy magnet

Over on CafePress, Tascha has some fun magnets, many with cats. (If you like this artist, take a look at her blog.) Update on Nov. 13, 2009: Sadly, there's just one magnet left on this site, and Tascha's new Etsy shop doesn't list magnets at all.

sardine magnet

And over on Zazzle, there's something about these sardine magnets that appealed to me.

Italian glass magnets - dots and donuts

Magnique has some lovely Italian glass magnets - but be careful with those small ones if you have little children. Update on August 16, 2011: The site selling these magnets seems to have disappeared.

brass magnets - Fleur de Lis and butterfly

Layla Grace sells some brass magnets in sets of three.

globe magnets

And here's another option: globe magnets! Update on June 24, 2014: I'm no longer finding these magnets.

magnet - Proust quote

magnet - quote about curiosity

Eileen Mosca has some delightful Fridge Philosophy magnets.

magnet - serentiy

And finally, Shining Sun Gardenworks has magnets with a variety of words - maybe one will be your word of the year!


chaotic kitten said...

Wow, there are some really beautiful ones! Who'd have thought that magnets could be so stunning?

Room Organizing said...

I love all the magnets. Currently I only stick to the ones that are glued to the glass beads they look nice, and are actually strong enough to hold more then one piece of paper…which is not necessary a good thing when it comes to actually organizing. I’m still working on the office but when I get the kitchen the magnets may need some help. “serenity” was my favorite.

Jeri Dansky said...

Chaotic Kitten and Room Organizing, I'm glad you both enjoyed them as much as I did!

Room Organizing said...

I like it so much, I may use one if the images in my next post.