Monday, January 19, 2009

Helping You Save: Coin Banks and Money Boxes

cow bank - pink, floral

Want a colorful container for your change? LAMA - based in Oakland, California but selling objects from Latin America - can provide you with a cow bank. [via Real Simple] Update on July 9, 2012: I'm no longer finding a web site for LAMA, nor any place to buy these banks.

cast iron piggy bank

Or maybe you'd prefer a more serious-looking cast iron pig from P.O.S.H. Chicago. Update on March 2, 2011: Sadly, this pig is no longer available.

beach hut money boxes

Moving away from the animals and across the ocean to the U.K., we come to these beach hut money boxes.

VW camper van money box

Or how about a VW camper van money box from Wales? [via I Want a Volkswagon Bus]

Japanese train bank

And finally, we have the Yamanote Train Piggy Bank. To quote from Gizmine, the site selling this bank:
The Yamanote piggybank plays the melody from a randomly selected Yamanote line train station every time you make a deposit. (Each station has its own pleasing melody, allowing your subconscious mind to track where you are while you sleep, and waking you up just in time for your station!) The headlights come on at the same time.

Note: this product ships direct from Japan and is intended for the Japanese market. Instruction manuals are in Japanese. However, operation is simple and straightforward and we are available to answer any questions.
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Anonymous said...

I prefer the old-fashioned mason jar or coffee and easy!

Jeri Dansky said...

Graduatedlearning, that's obviously just fine! Some people are inspired to put things away by having a beautiful or a cute container - some just like functional.