Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Reader Question: Pushpins to Pine For

blue fabric pushpins

In response to my recent magnet post, I got this e-mail: "Since I have a stainless steel fridge, can't use these magnets - how about finding equally wonderful pushpins for my bulletin boards?"

Happy to oblige! Let's start with the fabric-covered pushpins. Over on Etsy, Oh My! has some of the prettiest fabrics I've seen. Update on May 7, 2012: There are no pushpins for sale at this store right now.

Little Red Riding Hood pushpins

Heather Knitz has a number of options; I'm particularly fond of the Little Red Riding Hood. Update on May 7, 2012: Heather's Etsy store has disappeared.

cat, bunny rabbit and flower fabric pushpins

And these from Piping Hot Papers hit my fancy, too. Update on May 7, 2012: This store seems to be selling magnets now, not pushpins.

glass marble pushpins

And then there's the glass marble pushpins. These come from Mostly Magnets.

glass marble pushpins

These marble pushpins come from Funky Chicken Design.

London underground (Tube) map pushpins

And mymiyel has these marble pushpins with London Underground map snippets. They also have some pawprint fabric pushpins. Update on Sept. 26, 2010: Mymiyel is now Paper Halo Designs. I'm not seeing these pushpins on the new site, though.

puzzle pieces pushpins

And then there are the pushpins that defy easy categorization. For example, here are some puzzle piece pushpins. Update on May 7, 2012: I'm no longer finding these pushpins.

pewter tools pushpins

Jim Clift Design makes a number of wonderful pewter pushpins. There are puzzle pieces, the "boxers or briefs" set that I thought was quite cute, and many more - including this set of tools.

Northwoods pushpins with moose, bear, canoe

I have a friend who used to have a Northwoods room; if she still did, I'd be getting her this set of Northwoods pushpins.

button pushpins

Another option is button pushpins. Update on May 7, 2012: The site selling these has disappeared, but you can still find button pushpins at Present & Correct.

city pushpins

And finally, Ballard Designs sells some nice pushpins, including this set of 24 city pushpins.

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