Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fantasy Time: 3 Very Large Clocks

huge wall clock, round

A good clock can be hugely helpful - and these clocks are huge. (Of course, so are the price tags.) But sometimes it's fun to just gawk; in my next post, I'll point to some more practical options.

The clock above is the AB Normal clock from Alivar in Firenze, Italy; the web site doesn't list prices. [via Furniture Seen]

huge floor clock

If you don't want a wall clock, you could get the Oclock for $4,229. [via Unplggd and Better Living Through Design]

gold clock table

And finally, there's the 24ct gold watch table for 25,000 pounds. (At today's exchange rate, that's $35,413.) [via Unplggd] Update on March 10, 2011: I'm no longer seeing this product for sale.

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