Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jewelry Boxes from Talented Woodworkers

jewelry chest, three drawers

I'm a sucker for beautiful woodwork - so when I saw this jewelry chest, I was enchanted. And then I saw the price: 1,950 pounds. So let's look for some options that are somewhat less expensive. Update on Nov. 9, 2011: This chest came from The Edward Barnsley Workshop, but I'm no longer finding it there.

one-drawer jewelry box, wood, open

Appalachian Spring sells many wonderful handcrafted jewelry boxes by a number of different artists, in a wide range of prices.

tansu jewelry box

OK, I don't know the prices on this tansu jewelry box by Kerry Marshall - but it was too wonderful not to include.

two wood jewelry boxes

But I do know the prices on these jewelry boxes from William Mowry: $225 for the small and $275 for the large.

jewelry box with inlay work

Al Ladd makes some lovely jewelry boxes; inlay work is his speciality.

jewelry box, multiple woods, 3 drawers

And finally, West Corinth Studio has a range of jewelry boxes, at various price points, made from "green" woods: salvaged wood, sustainably-grown woods, etc.

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