Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yet More Magnets: Magnetic Clips

magnetic pegs

Using your refrigerator door, metal file cabinet, or other metal surface as a magnetic board? We've discussed interesting magnets - but what about magnetic clips, for those who prefer that approach? I've written about the Endo magnetic clip, but there are many more choices.

Magnetic pegs are one way to go. The one above is a magnetklammern from Najade's shop on DaWanda; there are number of other designs available. Update on August 16, 2011: Najade doesn't seem to sell these any more. However, you can find them from other DaWanda sellers, including this one.

magnetic peg letter e

Another magnetic peg option comes from Sam McLean in Australia. Of course, you can choose your letter. Update on August 16, 2011: Sam no longer lists his products at the site where I first found them - and the other site I found selling Sam McLean products did not have anything like this.

floral magnetic clip, letter V

And another alphabet letter option is a Wellspring floral initial klipitz tile magnet.

magnetic clip with monkey

Kyle Design has refrigerator clip magnets in a wide range of colors and designs.

clip magnet with horse

Ahlers Designs is another place with a wide range of clip magnets. Update on August 16, 2011: I'm no longer seeing these on the Ahlers Designs web site. However, I do see them at Fern's Garden.

elephant head bulldog magnetic fridge magnet clip

Originals from Africa has some pretty amazing fridge magnet clips with seven different animals. Update on August 18, 2011: I'm no longer finding these on the Originals from Africa web site. However, I found very similar (if not identical) clips at Swahili Imports.

cow magnet clip

And finally, this one is for you, Julie Bestry; when I saw these animal sounds clip magnets, I knew I had to show the cow. (And for any of you who don't know Julie, I'd like to suggest popping over to her blog dealing with all aspects of paper organizing.) You can also find these clip magnets at Heal's and Riverside Garden Centre; I've yet to find a source in the U.S. Update on August 16, 2011: I'm no longer finding these at the sites where I first saw them, but you can find some of them here and here - and on


Julie Bestry said...


And thank you, both for the cow magnet and sending people to my blog. Cows really do make me smile-I think having my kitchen magnet "moo" me would tickle me to no end. Maybe if this Kitsch'N'Fun line by Kitchen Craft (which doesn't seem to have a web site or a parent-parent company) can be found by one of your eagle-eyed readers, we can find them a distributor her in the U.S.?

Jeri Dansky said...

Julie, thanks for locating parent company Kitchen Craft and sending me an e-mail about that. I just sent the company an e-mail asking about U.S. distribution.

And cows make me smile, too. There's a running joke between me and a few friends about flying cows, but that's a long story.