Thursday, March 27, 2008

12 More Options for Colorful Storage

chest with brightly-colored drawers

Want some bright colors to enliven your home? My last post on colorful storage was quite popular - and since I've since found more interesting options, it's time for an update.

1. Let's start in Melbourne, Australia this time, with one of the many delightful pieces shown on the Wilkens and Kent web site. For a few more quick peeks, look here or here.

pink chest of drawers

2. Moving over to the U.K., this pink chest of drawers is sold by Graham and Green.

sky blue bookcase

3. Staying in the U.K., this sky blue bookcase comes from Zenzu.

blue bookcase

4. You might think a company called New England Lifestyle was based in the U.S. - but they're in West Sussex, U.K. They call this the Blue New Hampshire Bookcase. Update on Jan. 17, 2010: Now there's just the New Hampshire Bookcase - and it's white.

storage pieces in letters C, O, L, O, R. S

storage shaped like the letter M

5. Heading over to Switzerland, we find these very cool alphabet storage pieces. [via Apartment Therapy]. The web site is in German, but it's reasonably easy to navigate even for someone who speaks no German, and a translating tool will help out when you need it. There are multiple options for each letter, with either a front door (with shelves or drawers) or an open back (with shelves) to provide storage.

blue buffer

6. Coming over to the U.S., red egg has some lovely pieces. They don't sell to the public, but you can find their buffet (shown above) and bookcase at Design for Real Living. Update on Jan. 17, 2010: Design for Real Living no longer has these products, but you can see them at Cottage & Bungalow.

red Asian-style cabinet

7. If you're looking for red, big pagoda has a few options.

white bookcase with blue backing

8. As you'd imagine, a furniture company called A Colorful Place has a lot of options.


9. Vermont Woods Studios makes painted cottage furniture.

dark red cabinet from barn boards

10. This cabinet is made from 100-year-old barn boards! See the Barn Board Treasures web site for more pictures of this piece, and to see the other types of furniture they make. Update on Jan. 17, 2010: Sadly, this company seems to have disappeared.

orange dresser

11. Damian Velasquez makes his pieces from steel and wood.

three trunks - green, red, white

12. More mainstream companies also have colorful storage. These trunks come from Pottery Barn, which has a number of other colorful options. Update on Jan. 17, 2010: These trunks are no longer available.

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