Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hauling off the Not-Quite-Junk

Ilana DeBare at the San Francisco Chronicle has a great article today on junk hauling companies that focus on reuse and recycling. While the companies mentioned are in the San Francisco Bay Area, the general advice would apply anywhere. One example:
It can be hard to know for sure whether small local haulers are doing all the recycling that they claim. Ask potential haulers for the names of the thrift stores, salvage yards, and the like that accept their stuff. Also ask for receipts for items that are donated to nonprofits. And keep an eye on how your hauler handles items with potential reuse value. "If you hire a hauling provider who starts throwing stuff in the back of the truck, the chance of it getting reused is slim to zero," said Ken Kurtzig, CEO of iReuse.
Of course, that last bit of advice won't do you much good after you've hired them!

[photo from RecycleMyJunk in San Francisco]

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