Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hanging the Necklaces Where You Can See Them: Wall-Mounted Racks

copper mirror and necklace rack

Want your necklaces out on display so you remember to wear them? I've written about wall-mounted jewelry racks before, but I've found some more options specifically for necklaces.

You could always use a coat rack or a tie rack, or make your own rack with cup hooks. But here are some other options.

1. Deepwater Pottery makes the copper beveled mirror necklace rack shown above. Update on Dec. 6, 2009: The web site for Deepwater Pottery seems to have disappeared.

black wall rack for 16 necklaces, squiggle-shaped

2. Langton Studio sells this black wood rack with 16 pegs.

wall-mounted wood necklace rack with jewelry hanging on it

3. Ginny's Ear-Nest, despite the name, sells a number of necklace racks.

necklace holder in two contrasting woods

4. The Myrtlewood Gallery sells a necklace holder made from - you guessed it - myrtlewood (with black walnut highlights).

two-tier wood necklace holder

5. Woodwitch sells this double-decker necklace holder.


painted fish studio said...

thanks for the link! i love your other rack finds!

Jeri Dansky said...

Thanks for stopping by, painted fish studio. I'm glad you like them!