Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Easter-ish Storage: Beyond the Typical Easter Basket

bird with big hat on top of box

Forget the boring Easter basket - get a splendid Easter box instead! This one comes from Etsy seller Gigi Phillips, who has some other choices, too. Update on March 23, 2010: No similar products are currently listed in Gigi's store.

box with bluebird on top, and sign that says Easter joys be thine

Cathy Nash has this Easter bluebird box, as well as a spring chick box which isn't specifically for Easter.

oval birch box with bunny picture

This bunny box by Jere Smith has been sold; maybe the artist will make some again in the future.

bucket with picture of bunny

Caribbean Charm has personalized painted Easter buckets.

Easter bucket with bulldozer and eggs
Easter bucket with bunny and eggs

And here are some more hand-painted Easter buckets that can be personalized.

2 baskets, same style, different colors (green and cream)

And if you really want a basket, the folks at Looking for Penguins suggest you get a "globally-conscious" one - and they point you to numerous options. The one shown here comes from Original Good. Update on March 23, 2010: Looking for Penguins seems to have disappeared. And the Original Good line of products has been acquired by Global Girlfriend - and these baskets are no longer part of the products being offered.


Jon King said...

These are great. Since St. Patrick's is just around the bend, here's another thought. Somewhere along the journey my kids started the ritual of putting a potato in a shoe box the night before in hopes that a tiny little leprecon would go into the box for a "wee bit-o-potato" and we could catch him. I wonder what this same group of people could come up for creating "Leperecon Boxes"?

Jeri Dansky said...

Jon, I found information on making a leprechaun box - but no luck finding a nice leprechaun box for sale.

I did find this shamrock box, though.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Thanks for the link!