Saturday, March 29, 2008

Seletti: A Stunning Bookcase and More

shelving from wooden boxes with siksscreen prints

Wow! Usually when I find something like this from an Italian designer, it can be hard to find places to actually buy the thing.

But this lovely piece from Seletti, called Assemblage, is for sale at Do, in London.

I'm going to quote from "Assemblage is made up of ten wooden crate style boxes, each with different silkscreen prints. The boxes nest inside of each other and can be stacked and held together by straps to create a shelf, or can be used separately as small side tables or storage units."

shelving assembled in various configurations

And here are some more pictures of how this pieces can be used.

four storage boxes labeled the book box, the summer box, the toy box and the x-mas box

While I was on the Seletti web site, I poked around and found some more interesting things - none as notable as that bookcase, but still worth a look. I haven't seen these storage boxes for sale on the web, but Seletti does provide a list of places that carry their products, from around the world.

coat rack in four colors

They also make a nice coat rack. Update on Jan 2, 2011: A reader just checked with Seletti's export sales folks, who told him this product is not yet available in the U.S. Too bad for those of us who admire it!

roll-up tool kit

And isn't this a nice way to store some basic tools?

box that says my recipes and has picture of an egg, and then a broken eggshell

Seletti also makes some nice little boxes that you can see (and buy) on this Swiss web site. The measurements on the web site are in cm; for those of you who think in inches, they are 11" x 8.66" x 4.33". You can see another style of box on Seletti's web site.

[via Bookshelf]

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