Friday, March 7, 2008

Shelving Genre: Surfboard Wall Shelves

surfboard wall shelf, mostly blue, flowers

When I stumbled on my first surfboard shelf, I had no idea that so many people sold them! This particular one is sold many places on the web - but there are also many other options. Update on April 22, 2011: This is much harder to find now - it's generally showing as out of stock.

2 surfboard shelves - one with stripes, one with flowers

The Surf Room has shelves in a number of different patterns and colors.

two surfboard wall shelves with flowered patterns - daisy and hibiscus sells surfboard wall shelves with a daisy or hibiscus pattern. Update on Feb. 9, 2012: I'm only seeing one surfboard shelf at the site now, and it's not either of these.

red surfboard wall shelf with framed photo of dog on it

Over on Etsy, Mike sells his more subdued surfboard wall shelves.

surfboard wall shelf with two small items on it

Carniture Classic Furniture sells a surfboard shelf; each one is hand painted, and the company encourages you to ask for whatever color or graphics you want.

surfboard shelf in natural wood

Austin Woodworks makes shelves in a number of different natural wood patterns. Update on Feb. 9, 2012: The site where I found these no longer has them.

two-tiered surfboard shelf

Bigfork Wood Art makes surfboard shelves with a different style.

two surfboard wall shelves with items on them

And even Pottery Barn (OK, PBteen) now has surfboard wall shelves. There's a three-tier option, too. Update on Feb. 9, 2012: These are no longer available at PBTeen.

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