Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Storage to Make You Smile: Hand-Painted Furniture

cabinet painted with birds in trees

I first saw hand-painted furniture on sites like Room Service Home; that's one of theirs above. Other sites in somewhat the same vein are Touch of Class and The Well Appointed House.

I was enchanted, and I've recently gone looking to see what else is available. Here's just some of what's out there.

painted armoire

Patina sells hand-painted furniture from Italy, including this armoire.

painted armoire with flowers on the side

Picking just one piece from Clairborne Ferry Furniture was hard. Picking this one meant passing up the fish, and the cave drawing, and so much more.

painted semanier - green, with frogs

Cody Riess Designs has a maddening web site, with way-too-small pictures of what seem to be lovely pieces.

two mini-armoires - a cat and a mermaid

Reincarnations sells all sorts of painted furniture; these are two of their mini-armoires.

cabinet with picture of Aan Migual de Allende

La Loba has a number of cabinet options; this one has a picture of San Miguel de Allende.

calla lily armoire

This calla lily armoire comes from Magnolia Studios - another maddening web site, but I'm glad I didn't give up on it.

dresser with painting of morning glories

This piece comes from Nicole Wolf of Wolf Designs.

dresser with painting of bunny in grass, with a bird in the nearby tree

The bunny dresser comes from You're Art! by Corie Kline.

cabinet with ravens

Picking just one piece by Hillary Riggs was another hard decision. Choosing this raven cabinet means not including the butterfly cabinet or the poppy armoire - or one of the many other stunning pieces.

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