Monday, March 3, 2008

Saving Space: Storing CDs Without the Jewel Cases

CD wallet 3-ring binder

While storing CDs in their original jewel cases may provide the best protection, even the guy writing about that admits he stores his in plastic sleeves.

So if you'd like to save space by eliminating all those jewel cases, here are some options.

1. Case Logic sells CD wallets and CD albums; that's one of theirs above. This is the brand I've used for my computer software - a simple 32-CD wallet - and I've been happy with it; however, my needs are pretty basic. The reviews on and PC World are generally favorable.

CD case

2. Slappa seems to have encouraged folks to review their CD cases, and the reviews (from Audioholics, Audioholics again, The Gadgeteer, and Gadget Madness) are all very positive.

CD binder

3. When I looked at places selling archival-quality products, the Print File binders came up again and again: the Portfolio CD Binder and the CD Binder. Besides Sam Flax, you can read about these products from ArchivalUSA and Brodart.

CD album

4. I knew Targus made laptop cases, but I didn't realize they also sold a line of CD cases called CDProjects.

CD binder

5. UniKeep also sells CD wallets and binders.

CD case with CDs inside

6. MM Design sells the DiscSox CD products - their own sleeves plus a variety of storage cases, binders, and trays.

Update on April 5, 2008: I neglected to mention what attracts people to this option - and I know people who rave about DiscSox. The sleeves allow you to save everything that came in the original jewel case: the booklet, the tray card, and 2 CDs.

CD organizer

7. And for something completely different, there's the 100 CD Archiving System from Hammacher Schlemmer.


Chris said...

My favorite are the slappa cd cases cause of the double pockets! I have a 360 and a 40.

Jeri Dansky said...

Chris, those are nice pockets, great for those who want to save the cover but don't care about saving all the other stuff (as DiscSox will do).

Jacki Hollywood Brown said...

I love these suggestions for organizing CDs for those who still wish to store them.
I've used the binders with clients and at home & their great. They even hold the "album notes" which music aficionados love!