Saturday, March 15, 2008

Giving the Keys a Good Home

key holder shaped like seatbelt

If your keys always go in the same place, you won't share this lament I read today by Leah Garchik in the San Francisco Chronicle. She was writing about a Memory Championship:
Tests measured ability to memorize number sequences, unfamiliar poetry and the order of cards in a deck. Also, competitors were given 15 minutes to study head shots labeled with the names of 99 people. Then they were given the photos and names separately, and given 20 minutes to match them. But even that hellish exercise is child's play when compared with everyday challenges: Where are the keys?
While any hook could do, here are some products specifically designed for holding keys - in a wide range of styles.

The buckle-up key holder shown above is one of my favorite finds.

key holder shaped like car wheel

Staying with car theme, here's another key holder. The company also makes his and hers key holders. Update on Jan. 19, 2011: I no longer see the Wheels key holder on the site where I first found it, but you can get it here.

board with place to hang six different color-coded keyrings has this keyhanger board. This is the U.S. version of their web site; there are two other versions for other parts of the world. Update on Jan. 19, 2011: I'm no longer seeing this product on the Dutch by Design web site.

key rack shaped like a deer's head

And then there's this deer key rack. Update on July 2, 2009: This one doesn't seem to be available any more.

two key hangers - one shaped like a horse, one like a deer

These brass key hangers were made in India.

key holder made from a horseshoe

This horseshoe key hangers comes from ALGrumpy's Etsy store.

basket key holder

If you don't mind spending $300, you could consider this basket key holder. If you want to spend a whole lot less, you could get a wall-hung soap dish to hold your keys.

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Michele said...

Great compilation of key storage. I'd love to hear how you help people to develop the habit of using whatever storage solution they choose.

Louise said...

Michele, I'd like to know that, too! I got all excited about key storage, but then remembered that we already HAVE a designated spot for keys. My hubby just doesn't use it. Sigh. But I really like the animal hooks :-)

Jeri Dansky said...

Michele and Louise, you raise a good point. I'll make my reply today's new post.